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My Kindergarten classroom had a corner dedicated to a fully-stocked play kitchen that I was absolutely obsessed with. I’m not sure what it was that made me fall in love. Maybe it was the new independence of Kindergarten or the freedom to make-believe I was taking care of my invisible family.

When I found out I was pregnant with a girl, the memories of that play kitchen came to mind and I knew it was something I would want Birdie to experience for her childhood, I just wasn’t sure when. Over Christmas, we were in Southern California visiting family when my Aunt asked if we wanted the princess-themed play kitchen her granddaughters no longer played with. UM, HECK YES! My poor husband took one look at me and knew he was going to need to figure out how to tetris this behemoth play set into our vehicle with 5 people and luggage for our 5 hour drive back home.

IMG_8443The before: SO MUCH PINK

As much as I appreciate my aunt’s generosity, Disney Princesses don’t exactly fit the theme in our house (and let’s be honest, it’s a little much) and was very excited with the idea of giving this kitchen a makeover. I spent a couple of months researching Pinterest and blogs and looking up wallpapers before setting on a fun, retro theme.  I didn’t photograph the process of this makeover, but it’s pretty simple. If you’re interested in the products I used and a quick run-through of what I did – check it out at the bottom of this post. Otherwise, I’ll just leave you with some detailed shots of this beauty!

IMG_0598I’m an old lady at heart and love little knick-knacks. Most of the time they just end up scattered on the floor, and our dog may or may not have mistaken a few of them for chew toys.
FullSizeRender 3fullsizerender-9.jpgFullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 11
IMG_0639I scored this awesome Ikea Mammut table + chairs  second hand for $15! Not only that, but made a pretty awesome friend while doing so. Hi, April! I was going to paint it at first, but after spending so much time on the kitchen I decided to leave it as is for now.
IMG_0597FullSizeRenderThe apron Birdie is wearing is actually from a cupcake-themed birthday party we had for her older sister about 7 years ago. I’d be happy to do a quick tutorial on how to make them, as well as how to make these fun pom-pom cushions!

Easy Peasy Kitchen Remodel: 

FIRST THINGS FIRST! Take off all of the hardware and doors. I put everything in labeled ziploc bags (ex: oven door, shelves, sink door, etc.). This will make things so much easier when you’re piecing it back together. My original plan was to take the entire thing apart, but once I got into it I realized that putting every board back in place could be a hassle. This resulted in the inside staying pink (because ain’t nobody got time for painting every section!).

  1. Sand EVERYTHING! Any bump, decal, and flaw will show up so take the time to sand. You won’t regret it
  2. Wash all surfaces, especially what was sanded.
  3. Tape the areas you don’t want to be painted and primer, primer, primer! If you’re like me, you hate all of the prep work and just want to get to the fun. But trust me on this – primer will be your best friend! I used a Valspar primer + paint for the entire thing.
  4. I picked out the Valspar (seriously, guys, Valspar is the BEST) Fava Bean color for that pretty green and painted the counters, shelves, oven door, and inside of the drink dispenser.
  5. 5. While your paint is drying, take your handles and knobs outside and spray paint in the color of your choice! I chose a metallic gold from Krylon and needed about three coats.
  6. My ABSOLUTE favorite part of this kitchen is the clementine wallpaper I got from BC Magic Wallpapers! Easy to apply and fabulous prints!
  7. One thing I didn’t do (and if you’re impatient like me, you’ll probably do the same) is add a varnish on top to prevent scratches and whatnot.
  8. When everything is dried and looking fabulous, sit back and admire your hard work before your toddler decides to rip everything off.


((Do you have an Ikea Dutkig kitchen? Check out my gorgeous mama friend Kristie’s hack here!))

Let me know if you have any questions on anything I may have left out, or would love to see a quick tutorial on the pom-pom cushions or aprons. Thanks for stopping by!



4 thoughts on “Birdie’s Kitchen Corner

  1. Linnea says:

    This is darling! I’m getting ready to tackle a makeover of a play kitchen myself, this is very helpful. I love love the wallpaper you chose. I hadn’t even thought of wallpaper…now I may have to use some!


    • For The Bird says:

      Ohhh how fun for you! I got my wall paper from BC wallpaper in Australia. They will send smaller cuts of wallpaper than what they have listed, so keep that in mind if you see something you like with other shops! It was so easy to apply and wipes down nicely. I hope your process goes well!


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